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Grant Hyman
CEO and Founder

Central Coast: 02 4312 6743
Sydney North: 02 9844 5451
Grant: 0407 291 541

Legally your relationship with your Agent is not about the Agent or the Buyer, it's about you, The Vendor. Hence, we are Vendor First!! Of course, the Buyer also has important legal rights, but it is the Agent's obligation to always put the Vendor First and the Agent must always interact with Buyers in ways that best represent the Vendor's interests.

Grant Hyman (NSW Office of Fair Trading Property Licence 20139601)
Grant Hyman (0407 219 541, 7am-9pm every day) is the Licensed Real Estate Agent, Business Broker and Auctioneer who founded Vendor First in 2016 and is a multi-published author, including the book, 'A Practical Guide to Selling' - a reference manual for sellers and buyers. Grant has 3 adult children and 5 adult godchildren and after living in Sydney most of his life moved to the Central Coast in 2015. Grant has been a JP for over 30 years and also holds a Working With Children check associated with volunteer work. Grant is happy for anyone to learn more via his Linked In profile.

There are various ways to introduce buyers to your property. Some Vendors like to have their property Open for Inspection at specific times when anyone can attend, whilst others prefer inspections by pre-qualified buyers viewing by Appointment. Of course, your home can even be shown by Video. We look forward to explaining your options.

Some Vendors prefer lots of Signage whilst others prefer something more Discreet and yet others prefer Anonymity, until buyers are properly qualified. We look forward to explaining your options.

The Auction chapter in Grant's book explains how to buy, but not sell, because there are too many variables from the Vendor side. We look forward to explaining your options, based on your needs and expectations.

The chapter in Grant's book entitled Beating the Salesperson, has some illuminating information. We look forward to explaining your options.

We are happy to provide you with a No-Cost and No-Obligation Appraisal, however a formal Valuation by an independent Valuer can be worth the cost, as can Pest and Building inspections. We're happy to explain why.

OFT have a number of requirements to protect both Buyers and Sellers, including a valid Agency Agreement (each one you sign may require you to pay commissions). If you have any doubt of any kind, please contact your local Office of Fair Trading for advice - prevention is always better than cure.